Born in  Schönenwerd (SO)

Lives in Veytaux/ Montreux , Switzerland.


She spends part of her childhood in South America (Uruguay),Italy (Milano) and then she  leaves for the USA Hollywood. On her return to Switzerland in 1995, she studied at the School of Applied Arts in Vevey and gets a degree of Visual Arts. After a new foreign trip, she stays in Veytaux in the beautiful area of Leman's Lake.
 Since her early interest for the photography will make her a passionate. 
She works the digital photography, film, photo labo, painting and drawing. Publishes books on request. She  combining  two themes that are her passionates: Music and Geometric shapes of castles in Chiaroscuro.


The strength and love that she brings to her work day after day, 
develops in the magic and enthusiasm that  makes her grow and improve while remaining open to other artistc projects. She exhibits regularly in galleries, art spaces or in any creative atmosphère. She brings her style that she calls : « Expression », her way to externalizing inspiration and creativity that invite people to share her work.


She remains constantly open to new artistic projects which she undertakes with enthusiasm and seriousness and which advance her.

Over the years, Khrissy has been able to cover numerous events to sharpen his analytical spirit. She offers you a discussion according to your expectations and performs careful work with the images they suit you. Whether it's a party, festival, indoor or outdoor concert, private party, theater play, shooting alone or in a group, it adapts to your needs.

It also she produces images on request of your activity with prints and framing.



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